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    New technology for new opportunities:

    for museums and exhibitions

    We provide a series of products which have been widely and successfully used in conferences, museums, scenic spots, buses, coaches or trains.

  • MuseumsChurches and Art Galleries

    Are you a guide, a tour leader ?

    Nonametour provides you with the best equipment for your tourists.

    Contact us to find our special rates.

  • Cruisesaudio tour Solutions

    A special service designed for cruise ship passengers.

    Long Term Rent System Service

    Our solution is powerful, flexible, and cost effective enough for any ocean cruise, river cruise or gulet cruises

  • Vespabikes segway golf cars

    Audio system for your passengers.

    Designed to meet the needs of the ever-growing tourism coach and bus market, Nonametour provides the ultimate solution for all kind of tours: vespa tours, segway tour, golf car tours etc...

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8 years ago, a team of professional experts in communication equipment, started NoNameTour Company. The basic underlying idea was rather simple: a tour guide speaks into a wireless microphone while the visitors listen through an earpiece, even at some distance, and they move around in noisy environments. Based on new technologies and customer experience, we are continuously improving the quality of our services in order to fulfil all possible demands from our customers.