Long Rent

Radio-guides are promptly delivered and retrieved everywhere by NoNameTour staff.
The tour director only has to hand the equipment to the group on the first day of the tour and pick it up on the last one. No other action is required during the tour, such as battery recharging or cumbersome and heavy kit transportation.

Long Rent is definitely the favourite solution of the main Tour Operators all over the world, as it allows them to offer to the clients a consistent and even more fee-convenient service compared with the daily rent, due to staff-cost cuts.

Using NoNameTour products adds quality to the tour, and the use of this type of technology is by now compulsory in many places of tourist interest: Coliseum, Museums, Basilicas, in order to limit sound pollution, to respect the tranquility of religious places and to avoid disturbing the other visitors.

For those who like the clear 100 channels (15 can be used at the same location simultaneously) of Noname Daily System but prefer to use replaceable AA batteries, Noname Tour System is a great choice. It has the same channels and frequencies as Noname Daily System, but it is powered by 2 x AA batteries. Consequently, it offers you the freedom to change the AA battery whenever you want, and it is perfectly suitable for any outdoor activities.

Aside from being powered by disposable AA batteries, the system can use rechargeable Ni-MH AA batteries; multi-port charging case is available and the charging time is only 4 hours. The 2 x AA battery can last for as long as 40 hours for the receivers. 

One-Channel or four-channel Stationary transmitter is available. The same as Noname Daily System.

You have the chance to enjoy the use of the smallest tour guide system with AA batteries on the world market.


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The advantages that NoNameTour system offers are many more:
- Just book the service and confirm it with the tour leader’s name, the chosen date and place of the delivery (usually at the hotel) and the number of passengers;
- We will quickly deliver the complete kit at the hotel (including receivers, transmitter, accessories and stocks for a 50-people group);
- On arriving at the hotel the tour leader will collect the handbag at the reception by giving his/her name and will start to distribute one receiver and one disposable earphone to each member of the group. No other action is required until the end of the tour;