Our goal is to create an emotionally and intellectually engaging experience for visitors.

A complete audio system will consist of a full set of equipment. To make it more simple to use our products, we provide complete value-added service, which spans a broad range, including on site training, unit replacement, headset replacement and so on.

Rental for daily excursions

This is the basic rent service available in the main touristic cities.

Experience the beauty and tranquility of the places you want to visit while learning new things about each location! 

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Long Rent

This is the service that allows you to enjoy the advantages of the Nonametour radio-guides for the entire tour, for each destination, even where Nonametour offices are not present.


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River and Sea Cruises

Special service is dedicated to the clients' needs in the case of cruises. We can, in fact, offer our high quality service to single groups or to all the passengers of your cruise, including the delivery and retrieval of the equipment at the port. This  special offer can also apply to all the duration of the navigation (pre&post tours included).

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Pay per Use

Pay-per-use rent is simple and cheap and it is actually the newsworthy solution for a company or a club interested in the radio-guides market. This particular solution allows you to have at your disposal a number of radios, paying only the usage time (exactly: pay per use). This can be measured by the same disposable earpiece provided with the rented equipment.

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Seasonal Rent

Seasonal rent is the perfect solution for visits to religious places, museums or exhibitions. This type of renting starts from 3 months minimum and may last up to 1 year. It is an attractive offer which provides clients with a special 'long-term' rental, offering a broader insight into the culture or spirituality of the visited location.

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Business Services

Thanks to our experience in the  guided group visits, Nonametour has developed a completely wireless system that allows you to communicate in a variety of locations (even indoor or outdoor), enabling you to avoid noisy environments without using laborious, expensive installation equipment.

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Partnership opportunities for companies and entrepreneurs who wish to expand their presence in the growing market of the rental of tour guide systems, and benefit from the strength of a solid brand and the know-how of a leading group. The only real open network of the market.

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Other tour services

We are totally open towards any other type of partnership, services or innovative ideas that may meet your needs.   

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