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The foundations of NoNameTour Company were laid 8 years ago by a team of professional experts in communication equipment. The basic underlying idea was rather simple: a tour guide speaks into a wireless microphone while the visitors listen through an earpiece, even at some distance, and they move around in noisy environments.

Based on new technologies and customer experience we are continuously improving our service quality in order to fulfil all possible demands from our customers.

The advantages of such a system are obvious, as the visitors can walk around unbothered and really get the feel of the place, while clearly listening to the voice of a public speaker (a guide, an escort, etc.) even in crowded locations. Furthermore, they can take pictures while listening and client satisfaction is maximized, as the device improves the nuances of the guide's tone, reducing unnecessary voice strain.  

The equipment is promptly delivered in due time at the place you specify. Along with the delivery, we will make sure that everything functions properly. It will only take a few minutes to set up the equipment for all the people in the group. All these operations are performed by our staff.

Thus, our product meets four major market demands:

  • new technology
  • high service quality
  • practical and user-friendly devices
  • quick setup of the equipment 
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More details about this product


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