Daily Rent

Using NoNameTour products adds quality to the tour, allowing the visitor to hear every word of the guide and, consequently, discover the beauty, the culture and the history of the visited locations. The use of these products is by now obligatory in many places of tourist interest: the Coliseum, Museums, Basilicas, in order to limit sound pollution, to respect the tranquility of religious places and to avoid disturbing the other visitors.

NoNameTour provides this service on request, for a full day or even just for half of it. Our staff will make the delivery at the requested time and place, 7 days a week.

The Noname Daily System is our latest Noname product, which has the following features:

  • Portable or stationary transmitter with USB jack available for conferences.
  • Integrated rechargeable Lithium battery, only 4 hours charging time.
  • Easy to use battery charger
  • LCD display for battery power, channel, volume.
  • UHF and 2.4GHz for international free frequency licence.
  • 50-280 meters range from the transmitter to receivers.
  • 50-100 independent channels to choose, up to 19 work simultaneously at the same location.
  • Back with belt clamp for easy carrying.
  • Slim design and nice look. Very small size



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The advantages that NoNameTour system offers are many more:
- The guide’s voice is heard clearly, even in noisy or crowded situations
- The guide does not have to speak very loudly to be heard, and the tourist can enjoy the speaker’s explanations, given in a natural, unforced tone
- The guide has the possibility to speak while moving around with the group, he may explain better and he can also enrich his explanations with little stories and curiosities. This way, the timing is optimized and the tour is organized at a faster pace.
- The tourist is able to concentrate on a specific object of interest and in the same time continue to listen to the guide’s voice and even take pictures simultaneously, if he/she likes.